fumbling alien


there is no realm of reality in which zayn malik can look bad in. he rises above all bad hair like a phoenix from ashes. he is unstoppable

that was really poor wordng of my thoughts. what that meant was i finally took the time to think abt gender for the first tiem in months and like. remembered.??


look at zayn’s face when he sees harry im crying


gratituous bun

hm also

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Gratuitous Bun HQ | Harry Styles | 09.25.14 | New Orleans, LA (x)

credit if used or edited. 

an indicator of me being here was waking into the main lab in the library where i noticed 2 things 1) the framed portraits of the past presidents of the schools were all women and 2) they were all white

djohariah replied to your post “[[MOR]this feels like the biggest crush in the world oh my ggod i…”

lol i interpreted all of my “girl crushes” in high school as nothing but admiration/adoration for them so ya it’s still a crush i would say

ah it’s kind of difficult to navigate my feelings! sometimes it feels so crush-y but other times just. pure admiration and like. appreciation. !!1 regardless, it’s super positive feelings. 

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